Welcome to the IllegallySighted Projects page.  Here is where you will find links to various projects and presentations I have done, or am currently working on.  

YouTube Channel

This is where it all began.  The IllegallySighted YouTube channel started in 2012, and is still going strong.  Here you will find videos on mainstream and accessible games, assistive technology, technology hardware reviews, virtual reality games and experiences, game and VR accessibility, a few Let's Play's, and other nerdy stuff.  The channel is focused on tech, gaming, and VR from a legally blind user's perspective.  

#ID24 2017 Presentation on VR Accessibility

Titled "An IllegallySighted Look at VR Accessibility," I presented this session at #ID24 2017 (Inclusive Design 24) in November 2017.  In this session, I talk about my experiences as a legally blind VR (Virtual Reality) user.  I describe several common barriers, and possible solutions, low vision VR users encounter.  I also reach out to VR developers to think of, and include accessibility in their projects from the beginning of development.  I'm also happy to answer any questions, or help however I can, if a developer is interested in making their VR apps more accessible.

Mixer Stream

In the middle of 2018, I decided to give the live streaming thing a try, so the IllegallySighted Mixer stream was born. I’ve been streaming some new games, as well as some old favorites. I don’t really have a set streaming schedule, but typically go live on the weekends. All streams are also archived on the YouTube channel under the IllegallySighted Mixer playlist.

Steam Group

The IllegallySighted Steam Group is a resource for games that are accessible to blind and low vision Steam users.  Although there are many more Steam games covered on the channel in general, the Steam Group and Curator List highlights a smaller selection of titles that include specific elements that make them more accessible to blind or low vision users.  The Curator List also highlights games with blind characters, of which there are a few.  Finally, it is a place for IllegallySighted followers to get together and chat about Steam, IllegallySighted, games, or other things of interest.

GaConf (Game Accessibility Conference) 2019 Panel

In March of 2019, I was invited to be a panel member at the Game Accessibility Conference on low vision game accessibility along with Steve Saylor and Meghan Dornbrock called Gamers First, Blind Second. The panel is now archived on YouTube, along with all the other excellent sessions of the day. Enjoy the panel, and a huge thank you to everyone at GAConf, including my fellow presenters on a great conference!

Podcast Episodes

In addition to the YouTube channel and Mixer streams, I’ve started getting invited to a few podcasts to talk low vision, assistive technology, game accessibility, virtual reality accessibility, and other topics. Here are the podcasts I’ve appeared on so far, and thanks to everyone for the invitations.

The A4G Podcast

Starting in early June 2019, I have been a co-host on the Accessibility for Gamers (A4G) podcast, along with Riley Rose Frazy. A4G is a weekly podcast airing every Sunday, that talks about gaming, game accessibility, and even features some guests from the game developer and game accessibility community.

Blind Bargains Qast: Episode 113

Around Labor Day weekend of 2017, I was invited to be a guest on the Blind Bargains Podcast to talk all things game accessibility and virtual reality.  it was my first opportunity to be a part of another podcast, and I had a blast.  I think we all could have talked for a lot longer, and barely scratched the surface of what's been happening in game and VR accessibility.  I'd be glad to return for future episodes.

Blind Bargains Qast: Episode 149

I return to the Blind Bargains Qast to talk about E3 2018 and which games may be the highlights of the year. We go through all the E3 press conferences and chat about the games that stood out most to us.

Blind Bargains Qast: Episode 185

In this Blind Bargains episode, we talk about some E3 2019 highlights, game accessibility happenings, and the newly released Oculus Quest and VR Accessibility.

Parallel Podcast: Episode 6

In this episode, “Bring on the Darkness, Shelly, Rose, and I have an interesting conversation on various dark modes and high contrast implementations. How well do these work on the PC, Mac, and mobile? We also chat about how specific apps handle, and sometimes conflict, with a dark theme. There’s a lot more to a dark theme than a black background or inverted colors…

Blind Vet Tech Podcast: Universal Design & Game Accessibility

In this episode, Tim and I chat about overall assistive technology and accessibility, universal design, as well as video game and virtual/augmented reality accessibility.

Blind Abilities: myTrueSound Just Released Gold Gun! An Audio Game for the BVI Community

The Blind Abilities podcast interviewed the developers of Gold Gun, an accessible audio game for IOS. I was also invited to be a guest on this episode, and we all had a very interesting and fun conversation about their current and upcoming games, and game accessibility in general.

Blind Abilities: Assistive Technology: Choosing the Right Tools for Success

Blind Abilities invited me back on their podcast to talk about my day job as an assistive technology specialist. I talked about what I do as an AT specialist, and give some general advice and recommendations for knowing and using assistive technology to be successful in school, employment, and in life.

The Break Down Walls Podcast: Episode 4

Brandon invited me on to episode 4 of his new podcast to chat about virtual reality, VR Accessibility, and the newly released Oculus Quest. Also, did we mention that VR is really cool?

Blind Abilities: Introducing Circus Master’s Revenge

In this podcast, I was invited, along with Joe Quirk, to talk about Mental Vision’s recently released IOS audio game, Circus Master’s Revenge. If you were a fan of the no longer available, Audio Defense Zombie Arena game, definitely check out this podcast and the game.

Other Stuff

In addition to all the videos and podcasts, I’m also regularly working on several other side projects relating to technology and game accessibility. I’ve been part of the Microsoft Low Vision Advisory Group for a while now, which has been a lot of fun. I also participate in the Able Gamers Player Panels, which periodically link users up with a game accessibility project/survey. I regularly participate in software, app, and game betas as well. If you are a developer and have questions on accessibility, please feel free to visit the About and Contact page and send me a message.